Your Pick for Annie Cresta

Your Pick for Annie Cresta

Who would you cast to play the troubled tribute?

In the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, we get to meet a plethora of new interesting characters. (People who haven’t read the books should know that the same is true for the third book as well.) Though many of our favorites were murdered in the first book, most fans have new favorites in book two. One fan favorite who is only in book two briefly, but nonetheless is an important character, is Annie Cresta.

I won’t give away who Cresta is, other than the fact that she was a surprise victor during a past Hunger Games when the arena was flooded and she was the only one who could swim through it. Cresta is a very troubled character who will require some nuance and skill in her portrayal; I will leave it at that.

My pick for Cresta might be Selma Blair, but I think she could be a bit too old for the role. I would like Zoe Saldana for her, and I think the late Brittany Murphy could have really played her well (remember her performance in Don’t Say a Word, which pretty much made the film worth watching in the first place?). Although I love Natalie Portman as Johanna Mason, I think she would do well in this role, too.

Of course, as usual, my selections are a bit older than the fan favorites, and recently the Hunger Games blog My Hunger Games announced their top picks for the young woman. (Some spoilers can be found at the link.) I must admit that I’m unfamiliar with many of these faces, such as Astrid Berges-Frisbey (who does have an Annie look about her, I’ll grant) and Elizabeth Olsen (who looks like one of the Olsen twins; is she related to them?). A few suggestions are absolutely dreadful—Isabel Lucas and Alexis Bledel? Really?—but many of them seem as if they might be contenders for the role, if auditioned.

Cresta is described as lovely, if a bit bedraggled; I would imagine her as a fairly thin person despite her winnings (you’ll see why when you read the book or watch the film). She is from a district where you’d expect lots of sunlight, so she may be dark-skinned or tanned; we never really know what her skin color is. It seems like she is supposed to have dark hair, but I can’t really remember for sure. Who would you cast as this tribute if the decision was yours?